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The Perks of Installing Marble Countertops

What surface are you choosing for the kitchen or bathroom? You’re still thinking hard, and that’s not a bad thing. There are many kinds of surfaces, and it is normal to be confused. However, we can tell you that marble countertops are trending these days.

Marble gives an elegant look, but that’s not the only advantage. We can list the advantages of installing a marble countertop. Do you wish to know more? Keep reading as we will unravel the perks of installing marble countertops. Let’s get started!

#1 It’s ideal for baking

Marble countertops remain cool and below the home’s room temperature. Bakers will love such a working surface because they work on ice creams, pastries, chocolates, and dough. Even amateur chefs can enjoy a marble countertop.

#2 Very easy to cut

Marble is softer than most surfaces like granite. If you want a popular edge profile such as bullnose, straight, bevel, or demi bullnose, then a marble will be a great choice. The fancy edges you get in premium quality are really stunning. The cost is also lower as compared to choosing granite.

#3 It’s very durable

People are fooling you when they say that marble needs a lot of maintenance. It is strong and builders have been using it as a building material for several years. Haven’t you seen the great Taj Mahal? In fact, the Lincoln Memorial and Parthenon have been made from marble as well.

#4 Marble is elegant

Marble comes in a variety of colors including black, white, green, yellow, grey, and rose. It is known for its warmth and beauty. The material has a natural elegance and it can go with any type of décor. If you wish to know what kind of marble is good-looking, then White Carrara is stunning. Marble has been used for centuries, and it always looks elegant. There is no shade of doubt about this!

Concluding Thoughts

You may not be aware that marble is resistant to heat. It stays cool, so even if you put hot pans on it – the material will not burn or melt.

But please make sure you avoid placing hot pans on it. While granite is naturally heat-resistant, it is best to avoid putting anything smoldering hot on it.

Also, marble countertops look surreal in homes. It gives the room a larger and brighter look! So, go ahead and choose a good marble countertop. You can check out Granite Au Sommet marble countertops and pick the best! It looks amazing as a kitchen and bathroom countertop.

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