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Must-Have Smart Devices for Dorm Rooms

As a student, your schedule is most likely packed. It’s difficult to find the time to perform a lot of chores, and even having an easy-to-follow schedule can get quite difficult. This is why it is important to have a backup, so that your life is always on track.

A dorm room is generally not the most organized space – you barely have time to maintain and clean it, however, it’s not an impossible task. There are certain gadgets that might help make the process a lot easier for you, which is why anyone who can afford them should consider it. The following are some smart gadgets that may be able to help college students have a more organized dorm room, which is easier to both live and work in.

Smart Speaker

This smart gadget can perform a lot of virtual tasks for you remotely, and can connect to several different types of audio devices to improve functionality in your home. By connecting it to any kind of media source, you can have your smart speakerdeliver seamless, clear audio whenever you want.

Anyone who uses a voice assistant understands how much time it can save. A smart speaker is a similar device, often acting as somewhat of a vessel for your voice assistant.Once you hook it up to the voice assistant, your smart speaker becomes even more useful. It can then perform small tasks through voice commands, which is great for a student who may be in too much of a rush to do them manually.

Portable Printers

As a student, having devices that can make the studying part of your hectic life easier can be a real blessing. Portable printers are a great example of this. No matter where you are, you can print out any assignment or notes with ease. This is also a great way to record memories, by printing out photos of you and your friends – an amazing replacement for a different kind of print-out camera.

The best part is, you can do this from pretty much any location in a vast radius. Portable printers are good for printing out documents when in a hurry, and some even work as scanners. Students can really benefit from this gadget, and it can save them in a time crunch as well.

Wireless Chargers

Whether or not you are a student, you certainly need to have your phone and other portable gadgets with you at all times. For a lot of people, their jobs may depend on it as well. When being used this frequently, the battery of your devices can give out, leaving you in a difficult situation. This problem can easily be solved through wireless chargers.

Waking up late for class in the morning with an uncharged phone and having to rush out is no longer stressful; you can charge your phone and make notes on it simultaneously during class. This gadget is particularly useful for students due to how quick their lives are, and how often they have to stay out. A lot of your work as a student may also be done on your phone, which makes this one of the best investments a student can make.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are an excellent addition to any living space. With their functional flexibility and aesthetic, these lights can fit almost anywhere, transforming that particular space into a much more beautiful one. With a dorm room, students often do not have much to work with. It is a confined space, usually not according to your standards or preference. With smart lights, you can make it look much more attractive. Strip lights or LED bulbs are a great option for this, since they can help convert any living space into a much fancier looking one.

Using strip lights behind furniture is a great way to change up the look of your room. With options like varying intensities and colors, your room can come to life. Through smart lights, students can easily give their room the makeover they want, without even spending too much money. The best part is, these lights can improve both the look and functionality of your dorm room, so you can have better lighting for all your other tasks as well.

Digital Frames

Due to having limited options for décor, dorm rooms can use a few things to make them feel homier. Digital frames are a good option for this. A lot of people tend to bring pictures with them to put up in their dorm rooms, but not very has the space. A lot of pictures may also look disorganized and might be difficult to manage, which is why a digital frame is a great way to display all the pictures you may want to put up in your room. Digital alternatives to anything can save a lot of space and time, and with this space, you won’t even have to make the effort of putting them up.


Any living space can be improved by adding smart gadgets to it. This is because these gadgets are designed to transform even the most confined, congested spaces into better functioning ones. Making additions such as a smart thermostat to your home can improve it, but smaller spaces require something a bit different. This is why you must be mindful of what to put in your dorm room, regardless of whether it’s décor or technology. This list will help you understand how you can improve your dorm room using smart gadgets.

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