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How To Increase The Curbside Appeal By Changing The Entry Doors Of Your Home In Alexandria, Louisiana

Improving the curbside appeal of your home can instantly increase the property value of your house. You may think it’ll take a lot to improve the curbside appeal, but that isn’t the case. You can make a massive change to your house’s exterior by changing the entry door. This is because the entrance to your house is the first thing that’s noticed, and a good entry door gives your house character while making it look prim. Here are a few door styles you can pick for your home in Louisiana.

Arched Roof Iron Doors

Arched roof doors are coming back in style. These doors are perfect for giving the house a classy look while keeping things minimalistic. The great thing about these iron doors is that they make the house look grand and make the entryway appear spacious. Additionally, you can get arched doors in several designs, from one with glass panels to doors made from solid iron.

Not just that, you can even mix and match and install doors with a solid base and an arched roof with glass panels. Moreover, you can paint these doors to match the look you’re going for. If you want to use them as an accent, picking a darker color will be best, but if you want an understated look, then going for lighter colors is best.

Solid Iron Doors

Solid iron doors are perfect for making a grand entrance. They make every house appear bigger and more sophisticated. They go well with any house but are generally better for houses on the bigger side. This is because they take off a few inches from the house’s look due to their style.

These iron doors are available in several designs, from sleek solid iron doors to doors with intricate designs. The one you pick depends on several factors. If you have a lot of windows and fittings on the outside of your house, then picking a simple door is a good idea, but if your exterior is minimalistic, you can go for doors with intricate designs.

Ornamental Iron Doors

Ornamental doors are perfect for houses with a grand entrance. These doors are commonly made from solid wrought iron with intricate patterns and swirls that give them a delicate look. These swirls and accents can be painted in gold and silver to make the door look classy and make the entrance majestic.

This door is perfect for those who want to mix traditional looks with modern ones. Additionally, you can add a few lighting fixtures around the door or in your entryway to make the door prominent and add a grand look to a minimalistic backdrop.

Steel Sliding Doors

Let’s shift our attention from the front of the house to the back. Most times, people forget about the backside of the house and only focus on the front. Don’t that won’t improve your house’s curbside appeal. Your patio and backyard need equal attention. Changing the patio doors along with the furniture is a good way to make the backyard look more appealing.

For the patio, steel sliding doors are the best option. They look good, add plenty of sunlight to the house, and give the patio a spacious look. Not just that, but you can get these sliding doors in several designs depending on your requirements. You can go for the transparent glass panels or frosted ones if you want privacy. Moreover, these days you can even get panels with colorful tints too.

French Doors

French doors are a popular choice for patios and balconies. These doors give the entrance a delicate look and make the space look bigger. Moreover, the doors usually come with glass panels, so they let ample sunlight come in. traditionally, french doors are white, but these days you can get them in several colors to match the look of the rest of the house.

Like steel sliding doors, you can get french doors with transparent glass panels, frosted glass panels, and tinted ones.

Glass Panel Iron Doors

If your house is on the smaller side or you live in an apartment, grand entrances aren’t your thing. Instead, you can opt for iron doors with glass panels for your entryway.

These doors look minimalistic, so they won’t make your entrance look overbearing, and they are a good option if you want to add natural light to your home. You can get these doors with big glass panes or multiple smaller ones.

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