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How to measure custom made curtains?

Custom-made curtains are available on the Internet and offer you to select from various different designs. You enjoy these designs online just as at your fingertips instead of in the stores. You no longer have to deal with convincing sellers as well. When shopping for newly made curtains online for your home, it is important that you must know the right dimensions so that you not only build the right size but also allow your curtains to fit on your window. We have compiled a practical guide on how to measure windows correctly so that you can get the perfect custom curtains online.

If you don’t measure the windows and just guess, you may have wrong-sized custom-made curtains that are too big or too small, and that you don’t want to! It must fit the right way, so take the time to get the right dimensions for your windows, and then you won’t have any problems!

Dimensions for manufactured measuring hinges:

The first step in measuring curtains is to start by measuring the width of the curtain rod. The hinge rod is a good indicator of where the hinges are or the length of the seal under the seal or touching the floor.

Curtain tips

Curtains do not only provide light and add privacy but they also give a classy touch to your rooms.  Custom curtains can have many different colors and designs with so many options that can sometimes be confusing, so we’ve decided to put together a few tips to help you make your choice. Your curtains depend on the type of room in which they will be placed.

Let’s start with the curtains in the bedroom as they should be nice and comfortable to look at. Basically curtains block as much sunlight as possible so you can make your sleep better. One thing is to remember that your curtains must not be blackout otherwise you won’t get awakened on time.

For children’s rooms, most curtains are mostly colored or have their favorite TV shows decorated on the curtain’s fabric. If you buy ready-made curtains with custom curtains, you can buy some beautiful-colored fabrics for the children’s room.

Curtains for the living room or dining room do not have to be as heavy as curtains for the bedroom, because they have to transmit light, so the material does not have to be as thick as can be seen in the bedrooms. Modern houses now have large windows so that these windows look decorative and they are tied to each side of the window like curtains in the living room and dining room to match their room décor!

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