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Current Trends In Kitchen Renovation

A few decades ago, nobody paid a lot of attention to the design of a kitchen. Everyone focused on their bedrooms, lawns, and other essential areas of the house. Kitchens were just a place where people cooked food and dishes were washed. However, the trends have changed now. 

More and more people are spending a hefty amount of their money and time designing their kitchens. With the assistance of Renovco kitchen renovation, you can build or remodel your dream kitchen with all the latest technology and designs. 

Latest trends in kitchen designing

  • Technology. 

Technology is used in every part of our life. Why should kitchens be left behind? Nowadays, kitchens can be made fully automatic. From your fridge to your kitchen lighting, you can enjoy the taste of technology in every step. For example, smart fridges can detect when you are running low on groceries. It can also be controlled by a remote or your voice for a hands-free experience. 

  • Effective storage. 

Old kitchen designs often do not provide adequate storage space for all your items. This leaves a lot of space in your kitchen unused and thus wasted. New kitchen designs are created to provide a perfect space for each kitchen item: cutlery, electrical appliances, spices, etc.

  • Streamlined cabinets. 

A kitchen is where you eat and cook. If you love to cook, it may be your favorite place in the house. Dull-looking cabinets can make you feel not-so-good about your favorite spot. Streamlined cabinets are more and more making their way into people’s houses because of their aesthetic design. The designs are exciting and different from shiny and polished ones that are extremely common. 

  • Art. 

Art can make every dull thing enjoyable. We don’t mean to imply that your kitchen is dull. However, you can add a little more life to it by putting up framed portraits of the things you like. It can be flowers or the beach, or cute puppies. 

  • Dark colors. 

White and light colors are way out of the window. Dark cabinets, countertops, and shelves have become a recent favorite. You will be surprised at how dark colors like emerald green, dark brown, and navy add a luxurious and dramatic feel to the kitchen. 

  • Plants. 

Who does not love house plants? Every part of your house can use a little greenery. Their luscious green leaves can lift the whole vibe of the place and even become helpful in case of an emergency. For example, if you accidentally burn yourself, you can use some fresh and raw aloe vera gel straight from the pot. 

These are the new kitchen trends that every kitchen designer is currently talking of. To design your perfect kitchen, contact Renovco. 

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