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Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection

You need a home inspection just before you go for a property investment and nothing is worse than an inspection going wrong. Stats reveal that out of every 20 inspections, one goes bad and there is a third of it that does not make it to the end. To not land yourself in such positions, you must know ways to dodge the negativities and land into good inspection plans.

Boost the visual appeal

A good first impression is everything and almost all of us are guilty of judging based on the first appearance. But a wrong appearance will constantly force the buyers to make decisions that might be unfavorable. Hence, you need to pull out the visual appeal of your home. You can do this by:

  • Pull out and make your yard look like it is manicured. Mow the grasses in the adjacent areas, clip the trees and the bushes and plant a few flowers in the areas.
  • Check if the doors and gates work perfectly fine and test all the locks and deadbolts.
  • Touch up paint in the spots where it is needed.
  • Sweep off the porches and the decks and clean up the sidewalks.

Check roof and gutters

The inspectors are going to check the roof and the gutters at the very beginning of their inspection. Hence, keeping them in good condition is extremely important.

  • Clean the roof with a pressure washer or remove the debris.
  • Repair the missing parts immediately and complete the repairs that you have taken up.

Be attentive to the interiors

The exterior is extremely well maintained but now, you need to pay attention to your interiors too. Keep a note of the improvements you need to make while you are walking through your space.

  • Test the interior doors and locks
  • Check for defective or leaky faucets
  • Check if the water heaters are working to perfection
  • Change the faults in the HVAC system
  • Test the lights and fixtures

Clean up rooms

It is very necessary to dust and vacuum the rooms. Put away the things that will add no value to your existing set-up. Make sure there is no unnecessary clutter. These will give a negative impression to the buyers and will slower the inspection process. Also, the deal might get halted in the worst cases.

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