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Choosing kitchen cabinets in 2021: A guide for homeowners!

Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting project. While you can always go with a DIY approach, it makes sense to work a bespoke renovation service that can achieve your design and functional expectations. Among other things, such as flooring and counters, you have to pay specific attention to kitchen cabinets. Cabinetry can make or break the look of a contemporary kitchen, and beyond the aesthetics, it has a lot to do with space and functionality. In this guide for homeowners, we are sharing more on how to pick kitchen cabinets in 2021. 

Determining the requirements

This is more of a personal choice. Some people prefer to have more of open cabinets, while others like things to be out of sight. If you are hiring a service for cabinet design and installation, allow their designers to come up with ideas. You can always share your expectations, both in terms of materials and layout, and the designers can create a presentation, based on space. 

Deciding on space

Ideally, kitchen cabinets should cover up the wall space. If you think you don’t need many cabinets or storage shelves, reconsider your decision. While cabinets that are located high and close to the ceiling may not be used as frequently, but you can always make the most of that space. The best thing about custom cabinets is the option to decide on what type of storage you need, unlike stock cabinets that come in fixed shapes and spaces. 

The estimate

So, how much does custom cabinets cost? What percentage of your remodeling budget should be dedicated to the cabinets? Ideally, expect to spend at least 30% of the final budget on cabinetry. Again, this depends on the size of the kitchen and number of shelves, storage units, and cabinets you want. Nevertheless, ask the concerned service to offer an estimate. The cost largely hinges on the material, as well. For instance, MDF or engineered wood may cost a tad less than solid wood. There are also different varieties and finishes in engineered wood, fiberboard, and plywood. Customized cabinetry, typically, will cost more than preassembled cabinets. 

Other things to note

While aesthetics and functionality are key aspects for selecting custom cabinets, it is also wise to think of maintenance. You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the cabinets after a few weeks. 

Talk to the design service, so that they can offer practical solutions to address other concerns you may have.