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Why moss formation is bad for your roof?

Moss is a nightmare for many homeowners. And, they think that moss is really bad for their home as it affects your home.

Moss usually forms in cool, dark, and wet climates. Most homes are not immune to moss growth and result in a slippery pitched roof. Now, why the moss is mad for your roof, here we are mentioning some of the reasons behind it.

  • Growth – The growth of moss is steady and can be pushed under shingles and tiles causing damage to a roof.
  • Moisture – Moss generally grows in wet and moisture places resulting in the roof rotting.
  • Leaks – Damage caused due to the roof is a formation of holes, leaks, and thin spots.
  • Pests – The leaks and cracks creation is an open entry to the pests making people frustrated.
  • Curb appeal – If selling their home is in your mind, do check every corner of your home. Call the professionals for the repair and replacement of your roof.
  • Danger – The moss formation is the biggest danger to human life. It is because they create slippery surfaces making people fall. So you have to take extra precautions while climbing your roof.

Prevention and removal of moss

One World Roofing is working towards the roof cleaning of homeowners’ roofs for killing and maintenance of the same. Many preventative treatments are followed so that they can easily achieve their goals. Depending on the composition of the roof, water-based treatments have opted. These treatments are best for cleaning them up. The professionals basically work by gently brushing the moss and cleaning the shingles. Afterward, they use compressed air to blow up the loosened moss and other dust without leaving any corner. Finally, they clean all the debris from the roof.

One World Roofing has years of experience in serving both commercial and residential buildings. Our certified professionals can easily solve all kinds of roofing problems. Call us today to book an appointment with us. We assure you that you will never regret working with us and find the services at affordable prices.