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Waterproofing Your Deck Step by Step

There are many things to know about deck waterproofing so that you can do it properly. However, it is best to start off by discussing how to waterproof your deck and go through this process step by step. Read on to learn how to waterproof your deck one step at a time. 

You Check Your Check Thoroughly

As you likely know, you do not have to add a fresh coat of waterproofing if the old coat is protecting the deck on your property. You can check to see if your deck requires a new coat by dropping a bit of water on it. If the water stays on top of the wood and starts bubbling, the old coat is still working. Alternatively, if the water gets absorbed into the water, your deck needs a new coat of waterproofing sealant. There are other ways that you can check to see if your deck needs a new coat of waterproofing, but this is the simplest method. 

Prepare Your Deck For The Waterproofing Process

You have to prepare your deck in order to waterproof it successfully. If your deck is large, you might need a few days to do this. Of course, if you hire a deck company in your local area, they can do this more quickly. Doing so makes sense if time is of the essence. You should sand all of the wood surfaces to get rid of any leftover stains, restore the wood’s luster, and help the waterproofing sealant absorb into the wood more easily. 

After this, you should spray off all of the surfaces with either a pressure washer or a garden hose. Make sure to spray between wood planks. A solution for deck cleaning can help remove grime, too. 

Apply The Sealant to the Deck

You should wait until the deck has been dried off for 24 hours, then apply the sealant you like to your deck. Use a paintbrush to put a moderate coat onto the deck’s edges, railings, and sides. Do not over-apply. You might prefer to use a paint roller to apply the sealant to the deck’s floor. 

Allow the Sealant to Dry For At Least 48 Hours

Another step in proper deck waterproofing is letting the sealant dry properly. It might look dry after a few hours, but you should let it dry for longer. You should not put furniture back on the deck or use the deck for 48 hours minimum. You can also put a rope across the deck’s entrance to remind everyone to stay away from the deck until the sealant is finished curing. 

Get Your Deck Ready for Fun

After the sealant is dry and you have finished your deck waterproofing, you can now use your deck for fun once again. You can now replace the furniture you removed previously. Of course, you can also replace any items you removed to let the sealant cure, as well. It is necessary to waterproof your deck if you use it for fun events like parties. You can always consult local professionals if you need any assistance with this project. 

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