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Silicone rubber compounds, their production and application

Silicone rubber compound can be found in virtually every aspect of everyday life. These raw materials are used to create products applied in numerous industries. Find out what types of silicone rubber compounds there are and what their uses are!

  • What are silicone rubber compounds?
  • Get to know our wide variety of products!
  • Learn how silicone rubber is used

What are silicone rubber compounds?

Silicone rubber compounds are high-quality products manufactured in accordance with the individual needs and expectations of customers. They are used in the processing industry in extrusion EXT, compression molding CM, TM transfer molding and injection molding INJ.

Rubber compounds of silicone are materials produced in the following variants: technical silicone compounds that meet FBA and BfR standards, as well as silicone rubber compound with a higher level of oil resistance.

Of course, the group of silicone compounds includes special silicones, which, as a result of the advanced production process, are resistant to water vapour and high temperature or fireproof and can be used in the production of cables and hoses.

Get to know our wide variety of products!

There are three main types of silicone rubber that are worth mentioning.

The first is HTV silicone. These are ready-to-use masses and custom-made silicones. They are thermosetting and used, for example, in the automotive, construction, food and aviation industries.

The second type is LSR silicone. It is liquid silicone, two-component. It is used, for example, in the automotive industry, electrical engineering, medical technology. It is often used in the production of components for infant care. It is resistant to oil and gasoline.

The third type of compound is RTV silicone. It is a room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber compound that can be subjected to various treatments in the automotive, lighting, mining, transportation and many other industries.

Learn how silicone rubber is used

Compounds composed of silicone is a very flexible material. Therefore, it is used in various industries, e.g. in the food industry, as well as in medical devices. They are distinguished by high technical parameters. Each of the products is subjected to different processing ways, which may result in its resistance to various external factors, such as temperature, water, tearing, stretching.

Depending on the specific product, silicone rubber compounds can also be used in the rubber industry, energy sector, healthcare, fire protection and mechanical engineering.

The best way to obtain the highest quality silicone rubber compounds is to thoroughly discuss the production needs of the company, its expectations and the specific application of the manufactured products.

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