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What is wall skirting installation used for? What are the types?

Wall skirting were called as mop boards because they were used to protect the walls from the water when the floor was being mopped. Now days, they are said to be the border between wall and floor. As far as house fittings go, wall skirting installation are the most familiar and the important one. They are mostly used as a finish border throughout the walls.

What is wall skirting installation used for?

Wall skirting installation is a protective barrier, they avoid and protect the walls from the marks by maintaining the distance of furniture or other elements of the interior. To match the mood of the room wall skirting finishes can be changed. It gives finish, clean and professional look.

When there is an exposed electrical wiring in your room, it is not a good choice neither a good design. Wires can be hidden by taking it through the ceiling meaningpossible problems in the future, as in any small repair the whole false ceiling design mustbe torn down. The smart solution is to hide the wiring in the wall skirting, it is more economical and practical.

To avoid unavoidable gap between the walls and the floor, wall skirting is the best option to fill the gap over redoing the work.

Types of wall skirting

  • Georgian skirting

The Georgian style is particularly well suited to a thicker material. It is uniquely cut with the high-quality cutting knives for the smoothest finish.

  • MDF skirting

This is the simple wall skirting installation that can add a bit of class to any room of your space. MDF is cheap and durable material made up of compressed fibers. MDF wall skirting has been popular in traditional and contemporary properties. MDF is an ideal choice if you are looking for the classic white skirting board.

  • Pencil wall skirting

Pencil wall skirting is an accurate design, it is recommended if the client is looking for a clear finish, to patterned or plain walls. Cable rebate is provided to hide the unsightly wires behind the boards.

  • Victorian skirting

The intricate detailing of the board can be finished by using gloss finish which will add the class and style to the room. General appearance can be set in the room by enhancing the design with the unique molding on the top of the board.

  • Edwardian skirting

The designs offer a moderate simplicity on Victorian molds. The Edwardian Skirting is small in height. General appearance can be set in the room by enhancing the design.

  • Antique wall skirting installation

The boldness of the skirting profile creates very compact look than the other profiles in the range with a similar style. It is better suited to the skirting boards of a smaller overall height.

  • Contemporary wall skirting

This installation is generally shorter than more traditional styles. There are variety of quality contemporary skirting boards, in a range of softwoods and hardwoods, with standard MDF and moisture resistant MDF.

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