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What are the Ideas to rejuvenate your home with vinyl flooring?

We know that you often seek to reinvent yourself and modify the environment within your personal space to give it fresh and innovative air. This will change our behaviour patterns and directly influence how we seek to express ourselves to ourselves and others.

The easier we can renovate and rejuvenate our home, the less inconvenience this will generate, and we will achieve the desired goal: transform our rooms.

What better way to start the long-awaited transformation than with a flooring change?

The floor has a very strong impact on our four walls and gives it a suitable personality. First of all, just ask yourself what style we are looking for, how much budget is available to us and last but not least, what type of flooring is perfect for our home?

A vinyl floor is par excellence, the favourite floor of floor experts, thanks to a few qualities that we must mention:

    • Its versatile application in residential and commercial areas
    • Its variety of installation methods (click system, glue, self-adhesive and self-supporting)
  • His original designs
  • Its excellent acoustic and thermal properties

A vinyl floor will completely change the look of any space. This will depend on the new look we want to give our home. For example, if you are a person with classic, minimalist or modern tastes, you can opt for a Gerflor floor. If you are passionate about the colour variant, the flashes of light in the rooms, and you are a fan of taking risks, a  vinyl floor will be perfect for you.

If you are bored with the same optics as always, starting by laying a modern wooden floor will bring out that rustic side that all lovers of renovations love so much. Not only is it chic and resistant, but it can give power and harmony to your entire home. As they say out there. New year, new floor!

Adapting our home with the new decoration trends and getting rid of that old-fashioned floor is a task that Pro-Tek™ Flooring can help you create the home of your dreams without spending a fortune on!

First thing’s first

The first step you must take is to consider whether it is possible to change the floor of our apartment. Is it rented? It may be difficult for us to decide if we depend on the landlord’s approval. This will not imply a problem if we consider that laying a floor without having to remove the one we already have is not something from another world, it can be easier than you imagine! ! In addition, thanks to our beloved vinyl flooring, the floor-adhesive plates that imitate materials such as stone or parquet will be able to completely renovate your home without the need for someone else to help you, since you can do it yourself and without complications. They are perfect for rented flats! These floors can be placed and removed without mortification.

To completely transform your spaces, it is important to mention that the walls give it life. They are not only a fundamental part of the decoration but can rejuvenate your home and give a 180-degree turn to its aesthetics.

The key to modernising your home is to find details and a modern and different wallpaper that suits your needs and tastes. Creativity is limitless. You can mix textures, prints, colours from different colour ranges and even styles that, if combined well, can completely restore your comfort zone.

If your walls are boring, you think they lack colour, or you simply consider them old-fashioned, say no more! You must revolutionize your space NOW. You can place your ideal wallpaper without problems since painting the wall offers limited possibilities. With decorative wallpaper, the variety of options to change your living room or bedroom are limitless.

Children’s room

Because we know that our little ones deserve the best and want to change that old floor for a new one, we can recommend the Herringbone Vinyl Flooring, with which they will feel comfortable and motivated every day.


We know that it is very important that the floor of our kitchen is non-slip, easy to clean and modern to feel comfortable, and at the same time safe, so any design of the renowned Pro-Tek™ is resistant and economical.

Living room

If you wish to surprise all your guests with a change, they will always remember that you cannot miss the floor designs that Pro-Tek™ has for you. In addition, they have flooring of all styles and tastes so that you can completely remaster your living room.


Do not neglect a living area, no matter how intimate it is. A well-decorated bathroom is important and speaks well of the person who decorates it. We recommend decluttering and visually updating your space. You can choose a floor with stripes that do not overload the atmosphere. Do not forget to fill the spaces with modern baskets, geometric mirrors, new towel racks, etc.

We hope we have helped you find the ideal decoration to rejuvenate your dream home.