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What Are the Best Affordable Roofing Option?


It’s obvious that replacing your roof will be costly. It is one of the largest home improvements you will ever make. The price of a new roof is a major consideration for many homeowners. These are the most affordable options for roofing that you can find right now.

The Best Affordable Roofing Options

What are the best roofing options? You have many options to choose from and can still enjoy the benefits of a new roof without spending a fortune.

Asphalt Roofing

It is one of the most affordable roofing options and can be as low as $1.50/square foot. It is very affordable to install. It’s one reason why it’s so popular. There are many different kinds of asphalt shingles available, so it’s easy to find the right one for you. It’s also easy to replace a damaged shingle without affecting the rest of your roof.

Rolled Roofing

Rolling roofs are made of long strips of the asphalt-saturated membrane that are then topped with mineral aggregates. They are extremely affordable, at around $0.50 per square foot. They are also very easy to apply as the material can be rolled out and attached directly to the roof. This helps to keep costs low.

Metal Roofing

This roofing material is very popular right now. It is durable, with some cases lasting up to 70 years. Because they come in large sheets, they are easy to install. These sheets have fewer seams that water can enter, which will reduce water damage and other issues you will need to address during roof inspections. The roof will also have an excellent fire rating making it one of the safest roofs.

The only problem is the price. A corrugated roof can cost between $1.80 to $2.50 per square foot to install, while a steel metal roof costs around $3.35 per sq. foot. This roof is the best option if you want a roof that’s more cost-effective and lasts longer.

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