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Timber Coffee Table: How To Decorate And Take Good Care Of Your Timber Furniture

Wood furniture adds a natural touch to any décor choice, but it needs adequate care to maintain its inherent beauty. Moreover, natural timbers are more prone to tiny scratches, scuffs, and chips than metal, composite, or plastic materials.

By maintaining good form, every piece of wood furniture must be cleaned, dusted, polished, and refinished regularly. Furthermore, to care for your wooden furniture, follow these cleaning and upkeep suggestions.

Appreciating Your Uniqueness

To clean and care for your wooden furniture, you must first identify its finish. Certain cleaning products contain chemicals that will damage your wood surfaces. Some wood furniture is untreated, but most have a protective coat of finish to keep moisture out.

Furthermore, chemical sealants, wax, lacquer, and shellac are examples of protective finishes. If in doubt, use warm water and neutral soap to clean most wood furniture.

Cleaning Finished Wood Furniture

Most finishes will clean well with ordinary dishwashing soap and warm water. However, this works for most cases, except for wax, use soap flakes instead of dishwashing detergent or a commercial wax cleaning product.

To avoid scratching your wooden furniture, always clean it with a clean, soft cloth. After cleaning, properly dry the table with a soft, clean towel.

Polishing Or Waxing?

Using scented spray polish on wood furniture is a poor idea. Some spray polishing treatments don’t work well with natural wood finishes and leave a sticky residue that’s difficult to remove. Furthermore, polishing wood involves using a chemical to make it shine.

However, the polish does not protect the finish and can make the surface slippery, causing accidents and damage. A standard polish contains a lot of oil, which smears the character and shows fingerprints.

Waxing your furniture is an entirely distinct technique that adds an extra layer of protection. A properly applied wax layer can last for years and can only be removed with the proper solvent. Furthermore, waxing furniture takes longer than polishing, but it protects the wood. Dust the area, then apply the wax and rub it in small circles until it covers all surfaces. Then, use a clean towel to rub the wax in circles in the other direction. After the wax has dried, a feather duster can be used to remove dust.

Decorating ATimber Coffee Table

Is there any inspiration you can give on how to create a coffee table? This post includes everything you need to give your living area a fashionable and beautiful focal point. Here is a list of how you can decorate your timber coffee table:

Shape Of The Coffee Table

When decorating your modern timber coffee table, consider what collection of items best suits the table’s shape. Avoid square trays on round tables, and typically only arrange one stack of objects in the table’s center. Place three separate groups of things in a triangle configuration across a square table to create parts.

A book stack, a beautiful bowl, and a collection of flowers, candles, and coasters might constitute three groups. Try a larger collection off-center if you have a rectangular table with smaller groups on either side.

Theme And Persona

When decorating your timber coffee table, evaluate whether the ornaments you choose will match your existing decor. While you don’t want your home to be overly themed, you should ensure that the table’s decor matches the colors and design of your home.

Furthermore, make sure that your decor reflects your personality by including unique treasures, heirlooms, and sentimental items. This way, your coffee table won’t look like an IKEA display.

Plants And Usability

An indoor plant adds a natural, relaxed sense to your solid timber coffee table and provides an unusual shape that complements more square items like books. If you choose a low-maintenance plant like a succulent, it’s a simple way to liven up your space.

Your coffee table is also a piece of furniture that you use frequently, so it should be functional. Use an appealing tray to store objects in, like keys, remotes, and loose change.

Book Stacks And Balance

Make sure your solid timber coffee table decor has a mix of sizes and shapes. It will look congested and messy if all the items are small and underwhelming, or enormous and overwhelming.

Furthermore, books appear neat on a coffee table while bringing individuality and color to the setting. You may also use a stack to elevate an ornament to make it a centerpiece on the coffee table.

Choose A High-quality Timber Coffee Table

Buying a well-crafted timber coffee table is one of the most acceptable methods to ensure your living room looks impressive. Timber tables have a timeless, traditional aesthetic that goes well with any decor style.

If you need help choosing a quality coffee table, Jarrimber’s skilled timber furniture makers are the finest choice. We have a wide selection of timber coffee tables in various wood varieties so that you can choose the perfect one for your home. Contact our helpful team today to learn more.

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