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Steps To Clean Granite Countertops 

Adding granite countertops from Granite au Sommet in your kitchen or any other part of the house is a great way to beautify or boost its value. However, granite and its installation do not come cheap. Since you will be spending your hard-earned income on something, it is important to know how you can maintain it. 

Cleaning and taking care of granite is essential for its longevity. If you use incorrect cleaning materials or methods, you may unintentionally dull out the granite and make it lose its charm. Learning the correct steps can help you. 

Steps to clean granite countertops 

  • Use the right type of cleaner. 

Consider using a homemade soap and water solution to clean your granite countertops. To prepare it, mix some dishwashing soap, rubbing alcohol, and water and pour it into a spray bottle. You can also add the essential oil of your choice for some fragrance. Simply spray the counters with this mixture and wipe with a clean, soft towel. For big messes, you may use sponges to clean the area quickly. 

  • Do not use harsh products. 

As we have said in the first point, it is recommended to use a homemade soap solution. This is because all store-bought products have harsh chemicals in them, even those specifically designed for cleaning homes/granite countertops. Other products you should stay away from are bleach and vinegar. Basically, you should keep away any acidic substances from the counter. 

  • Protect the surface. 

You might think granite is one of the hardest substances on Earth, and that makes it completely resistant to damage. However, that is only a misconception. Granite can only bear a bit of abuse before it starts deteriorating and losing its charm. 

It is not recommended at all to directly cut your vegetables and fruits on the granite countertop. Even if your counter is sealed, continuous abuse can erode it. You should also be aware of placing hot pans directly on the counter. 

  • Clean every day. 

Granite countertops are not difficult to clean and maintain, but lack of cleanliness can ruin your investment. If you see spills or dirt on your counter, clean it immediately instead of postponing it for the next day or the next hour. Wiping the counters takes the least effort, but it can protect your investment from stains and etch. 

However, avoid scrubbing the counters as you might accidentally damage the sealant on them. If the sealant is removed, spills will seek through more easily and create stains. Instead, clean your counters with gentle and soft materials, such as a microfibre cloth. One more advantage of cleaning spills as soon as they happen is that you won’t have to scrub the area later. 

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