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Roof Inspection How to Know When the Roof Needs New Tiles

What would you do if you found out that your roof needs to be repaired? Would you call in a contractor or try to repair it yourself. If the latter, which repairs are covered by insurance? It’s important to know the answers beforehand, because not all of them are. This blog will teach you how to spot when your roof is starting to need new tiles and what those repairs might cost.

How To Know When The Roof Needs New Tiles

There are several clues that can tell you when the roof needs new tiles. The following are the most common ones:

Cracking – If you see cracks on your ceiling, then it’s time to replace them. Even if they’re small, with time they will get larger and cause a leak in your home. This is one of the reasons why homeowners need to be proactive about inspecting their roof once a month. 

Sagging or bowing – If you notice that there is sagging or bowing in some parts of the roofing structure, then it’s time for repairs. Usually this happens because of inadequate support underneath or bad installation techniques.

Water damage – Did you know that water damage at home costs more than $6 billion annually? This means that water damage repairs can be very costly.

Mold – Mold can grow on your roof if moisture accumulates inside of the roofing materials. Even though you might not see it, mold is still present. Once you start to notice a musty smell or discolored areas you should get it inspected. This way, you won’t wait until the mold has gotten out of control and spread throughout your walls or ceilings. 

Getting Free Estimates For Repair Services

Now that you know what signs tell you when it’s time for new tiles, how do you find a good contractor? The best thing to do is request some bids from contractors in the area who offer these types of services. When picking one make sure that they are certified and have all of the necessary licenses. You should also look at their portfolios to see if they have worked on similar projects (this can be a good indicator of quality). Their fees should be within your budget as well.

Benefits Of Replacing Your Old Tiles with New Ones

While a replacement roof is not the absolute best solution to boost your home’s appearance, it can help improve its curb appeal. This means that you’ll be able to sell your house faster and for more money. The chemicals used in a new tile installation are also non-toxic which means that they won’t cause damage to your health or that of any children living in the home. Newer tiles are often made from materials such as long-lasting clay instead of asphalt which makes them better suited for high heat areas where older installations tend to deteriorate quickly.

Inspecting The Roofing Structure

It might sound like an easy job, but inspecting your roof regularly is essential because it will tell you when repairs need to be done. You want to inspect the roof tiles and make sure that they are firmly in place. You should also check for discoloration or blotches which might mean the presence of mold.

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