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Reasons To Use Vicostone

Every homeowner wishing to update a kitchen place or bathroom counter has access to a bewildering choice of possibilities. According to realtors, countertops are swiftly rising to the top of the list of critical variables influencing a home’s selling. It is critical to conduct thorough research to select the ideal countertop for your home. You may check out vicostone countertops at Méga Comptoirs.

The history of vicostone

In Vietnam, Vicostone was founded in 2002 and quickly became a leader in the production of quartz countertops. In those days, granite was becoming the countertop material of choice for many homes. Although granite is incredibly strong and gorgeous, homeowners did not enjoy the frequent upkeep required to keep it looking brand new. Granite countertops were frequently treated and resealed by homeowners.

Vicostone specialists were hard at work in Vietnam, developing a new layer that would be better, neater, and more resilient while still maintaining the granite-like beauty of the stone. They decided to experiment with quartz because it was widely available in Vietnam. Vicostone launched their item in Asia first. Vicostone was at the forefront of the next era of counters as the globe moved away from using granite worktops as the norm. Vicostone quartz worktops are now offered by architects and interior designers worldwide.

A stone perfectly designed.

Vicostone’s developers have produced a manufactured rock ideal for your bathroom and kitchen. Ninety percent of the stone’s raw material is natural quartz grain. These would be colored and joined with a polymer resin. The outcome is a constructed stone that outperforms natural and designed stones in hardness and flexural strength. To obtain the aesthetic that will perfectly complement your environment, the rock can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

A healthier option

Because of how it looks, a countertop is frequently chosen. Others decide on a countertop due to its toughness and endurance. However, relatively few people make the connection between countertops and their family’s health. The unclean rooms in your house are the kitchen and the toilet. These locations have the highest humidity. On the counters, moisture collects alongside food and bodily waste. These residues, which are imperceptible to the human eye, can seep into the pores of your counters and conceal harmful bacteria that could infect you and your family.

Combination stones made by Vicostone are unique. They do not have any pores where harmful bacteria could sneak in.  Countertops made of Vicostone are antibacterial, mold-resistant, and good for the environment.

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