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Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at How to Avoid Making Mistakes While Hiring the Estate Agents


Hiring estate agents may appear simple but it is not. People often make obvious mistakes while looking for suitable estate agents. Mark Roemer Oakland, our guest, emphasizes how even simple mistakes can often lead to disappointing outcomes. Therefore, it is better to avoid them in the first place. He shares some useful tips to avoid making mistakes when you hire an estate agent.

Tips on How to Avoid Making Mistakes while Hiring Estate Agents

  • Don’t Be Hasty

Being hasty is actually one of the key reasons why people even make mistakes when they look for an estate agent. Instead of being hasty, you should give enough time to it. 

Even when you want to quickly hire an agent, you should explore all the options available in the market. When you decide in haste, it is often irrational and can lead to serious problems later on.

Therefore, stay calm and even if you cannot find a suitable agent in a day, don’t be frustrated. You will gradually find an eligible agent.

  • Understand your Requirements

Most people don’t even know what they truly want. Therefore, they end up hiring the wrong agent for their needs.

Before you look for an estate agent, do yourself a favor and understand your own needs. Think about what you truly want and what your requirements are. Once you get them down, you will have a clear picture of your own needs. It will help you realize what type of estate agent you need.

In this manner, you will only look for an agent who can meet your needs.

  • Explore the Market

Whenever you are thinking about hiring an estate agent or any other agency, you should first explore the market. Most people make don’t even consider going through the market. They often consult only one agent and decide to hire them. 

You must avoid this mistake by having a broader look at all the estate agents in the market. For instance, give yourself time to visit different agents and get to know them before deciding.

If you visit only one agent and decide to hire them, you will be making a serious mistake. 

  • Do your Homework

Do your personal research on estate agents that appeal to you. Find out their experience and their client satisfaction rate. If you can, talk to one or two of their clients and get to know their experience. In this manner, you will get insights into which agent is better.

After obtaining sufficient information, compare your options and decide which agent is most suitable for your needs. And don’t just go for an estate agent who offers cheap rates. Instead, look for experience as a cheap yet inexperienced agent can cause serious problems for you.


Overall, Mark Roemer Oakland determines these tips can help people avoid making common mistakes when they look for an estate agent. When you are looking to hire an estate agent, be rational and choose the agent that seems most compatible with your project.

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