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Is Burst Sewer Pipe Covered by Insurance


There are very few things that homeowners insurance can cover when it comes to sewer lines. It usually covers damage to the sewer line on your property that results from an unexpected event.

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Technically speaking, the sewer line on your property is considered “other structure”, meaning that it provides the same protections and benefits as your home.

If there was an explosion in your yard, which caused damage to the sewer line, your homeowners insurance policy would cover the damages, subject to your deductible. You cannot control the source of the damage. You will need to have the damaged pipe on your property. If the pipe is damaged beyond your property line, it will fall to the entity responsible.

What Is the Insurance Coverage for Your Sewer Line?

Standard home insurance policies cover “other structures” up to 10% of the total home coverage. If your home is insured at $600,000., then “other structures”, such as your shed, fence, and septic tank, may be limited to coverage up to $60,000. To make sure this is true, we recommend that you check your policy.

What Happens if Your Sewer Line Is Not Covered by Insurance?

Insurance will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing a sewer line that backs up into your house or is damaged by preventable causes.

Pipe Damage

Your homeowners insurance company will not pay for repairs if the damage is caused by poor maintenance, faulty construction, or an error that was preventable. 

Sewage Backup 

Any damage that is caused by sewage backups will not be covered under any homeowners insurance policy. The insurance company will not replace any water or raw sewage damage. 

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