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How can you tell that your sewer pipes are damage?

The homeowners most of the time face sewer pipe problems because of the cast-iron pipes. There are so many reasons behind their damage like cracks, channeling, tree root intrusion, or misaligned connections. Note that a collapsed sewer line will put a burden on your pocket. Here are some highlighted symptoms that indicate that you seriously need to look into your sewer line.

  • Blockages and backups

The most common problem seen is the sewer backups. It is usually caused by a blockage that you will experience while flushing or running the water to your sink. On experiencing blockages, check whether the pipes are cleaned or not. When you will call the experts, they will find the issues and work on them.

  • Finding gas odor

Whenever you smell sewer gas in your home, it is a significant sign of a fault in a sewer system. Hence, your sanitary sewer must be airtight so that odor shouldn’t come again. If you find a crack or opening, close them immediately.

  • Mold formation

Apart from sewer odor, you can also find mold growth as a symptom that occurred behind your walls. Certain molds just need a 55% of humidity level for growth.

  • Slow draining

Sometimes you must have observed a slow drain that is a result of blockage eventually causes sewage backup. Even when you clear the tree root intrusion, cracks, or channeling, you might face such issues.

  • Lush patches

Sewage leak is the biggest reason behind the formation of green and lush patches of grass. However, sewage can be used as a fertilizer for vegetation because grass gives extra nutrients causing the appearance of lush green.

  • Identifying the cracks, sinkholes, and settlement

Another symptom you can note is worsening of foundations like finding cracks, sinkholes, or foundation settlement. If such situations go untreated it might cause serious issues. Therefore, you must call experts who know to deal with the problems very well.

Whom you should call?

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