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Here are the Hottest Cabinet Colors and Styles to Choose From?

There are actually no limitations when you are styling, designing or remodeling your kitchen using the custom cabinets. If you ask the experts about the right ways of proceeding, they will recommend you to begin with selecting the cabinet door styles first. This is how you can easily coordinate the other design aspects. Based on the cabinets, you can pick your backsplash, the countertops or even the flooring. So, when you are planning to revamp your cabinets, here are some popular and attractive designs to choose from.

Low-maintenance wood grain cabinets

After multiple years of whites and grays ruling our kitchen cabinets, it is time that we take the wood grain cabinets to another level. This will give you a feeling of bringing nature indoors. The kitchens will get their natural warmth back. You can easily get the look of real wood in your kitchen cabinets along with the maintenance-free laminate doors. There are multiple colors and styles available to choose from.

The timeless beauty of blue cabinets

If you want to add more color elements into your kitchen’s design and style, then cabinet refacing is the best way to do it. Some homeowners specially prefer the bold and dark hues to create an impact. Solid colors look extremely great on the kitchen cabinets, especially blue. The trick is to use this color in a single shade as the base of the color palette and use blue as an accent color to make a two-tone cabinet combination.

Two-tone statement kitchen designs

If you are considering the two-tone kitchen cabinets, then experimenting is going to be fun, both with the colors as well as the space. You can pair the lighter upper cabinets with the darker bottom cabinets to make the cabinets look more visually appealing. The darker hues will remain clean for longer periods as compared to the lighter counterparts.

Add sophistication with gray cabinets

If you want to enjoy sophistication, but don’t want to invest in whites, then grays are the answer. Along with this, you can pick an absolutely neutral color palette or find better hues of gray. This will be both warm and inviting for the guests. You can improve the overall look of the kitchen by adding some complementing countertops and backsplashes.

The team of Kitchen Wholesalers Montreal will help you pick the best cabinet colors and styles to match your demands.

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