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Creative Ideas for Leftover PVC

Okay, so your plumbing system has been repaired and it’s now back to normal. Now you’re faced with some PVC cuttings and leftovers and you have no idea how to recycle or dispose of them. Croydon Park’s plumbing experts say that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are plastics that are hard to recycle. This is because they can cause contamination to other more recyclable plastics and that said, municipalities don’t take them at drop-off points.

But then, people with innovative minds have found a couple of ways to create stunning projects out of those excess materials that you’ll find useful in homes, gardens, garages, even in offices. Below are some remarkable project concepts you can apply on ‘waste’ PVC’s to produce things you thought would be impossible to do.

Creative Ideas for Leftover PVC

Curtain rods

PVC pipe is a better option when you can’t afford to buy those expensive curtain rods. Use the 1″ diameter pipe and if using pipe cuttings, apply super-strong glue to attach two cuttings together to reach the desired length of your rod. You can then spray paint (the one designed for plastics) the pipe with your chosen colour and lastly, fit one unfinished finial on both ends. There are finials that don’t need screws but their sizes vary so check out if these objects fit the rod.

Knife Holder

Glue a cap on one end of the PVC and then make a symbol on the unglued cap for you to know that this is the portion to open. Now you can bring along your knives safely to picnics, campings and all other outdoor events. You can also use leftover PVC to make storage or a holder for all things small and slender like pens, pencils, crayons, and so on.

Coffee Table

Aside from some pipe fittings and plumbing fixtures, you would need a good piece of wooden slab to complete your table project. An exquisitely stained wood with matching colour and style of the PVC would give your table an elegant look that no one would guess is actually cheaper than those sold commercially.

Gift Wrap Rack

For this project, you need 30” long pieces of 3” diameter discarded pipes glued together using an all-purpose PVC glue. Now, you have an awesome way of keeping those rolls of wrapping paper neatly tucked in the rack, free from dust and wrinkles. You can arrange the rack on your work table or if you like, keep it under the table or inside your closet.

Pet Bed

You need 4 pipe cuttings glued together to make the bed stand and support then put any comfortable cushion or mattress on top to give your cat or dog a restful sleep.

There are still lots more ideas to take advantage of your PVC leftovers to the fullest. You can even create excellent furniture and amenities for your home. Who knows, the best plumbers in Croydon Park also has some creative ideas to share? Don’t forget to ask on your home’s next plumbing inspection.