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Buying A New Home? Here Is What You Should Know About Living In Newton

Looking for an amazing neighborhood outside of Boston? Look no further than Newton. This town is perfect for people who want a suburban lifestyle without compromising culture or convenience, with many of its housing options and local amenities close to Downton Boston. Here are some things you should know about living in Newton before buying your new home.  

Historic Charm

The thirteen communities that make up modern-day Newton have a lengthy and intricate history. Initially, each village constituted several tiny hamlets that were gradually merged into larger towns.

With time, the social and economic characteristics of the communities started to diverge. Some evolved into affluent enclaves, whereas others transformed into working-class communities. Today, the 13 villages of Newton are still quite different from one another, but they all have a common past.

Housing Styles in Newton

Regardless of the style you want, Newton has something for you. This “Garden City” is home to various housing styles. In fact, Newton real estate agent Cindy Laughrea has a heatmap of house styles that shows where you can find your preferred architectural style.

The Colonial style, which dates to the city’s early days, is one of the most common. These Newton homes for sale generally have a central chimney, wood frame, and symmetrical architecture.

Another common architectural style is the Cape Cod, which features a central front door and low-pitch roof line. This style became prominent in the late 18th century and is still popular in Newton today.

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of Mid-century Modern and Contemporary homes built in the town. These houses frequently have an open floor plan, many windows, and little ornamentation.

Explore Nature in Your Backyard

Newton is home to many natural ecosystems, rendering it an ideal spot to explore nature. The town is home to several nature reserves, and parks, including the Hemlock Gorge Reservation, the Auburndale Cove Reservation, and the Charles River Reservation.

Each area provides an opportunity to see many facets of nature, from the flora and animals to the geological features that distinguish them. Moreover, Newton has several biking and walking trails that wind through these natural regions, allowing you to enjoy nature’s sights and sounds.

Easy Commute to Boston

The proximity to Newton is a huge advantage for anybody who resides in or around Boston. Based on the village you reside in, various transportation modes are available, and the trip only takes minutes. The city’s primary transportation corridors are the Framingham/Worcester line of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Route 90. 

Newtonville Station serves Nonantum and Newtonville, whereas Auburndale and West Newton have their stations. Drivers going south will find 95 cutting right through Newton, allowing direct access to Route 9.

Embrace Luxury Living with Cindy Laughrea

Uncover the pinnacle of extravagance as you explore the exclusive collection of luxury homes for sale in Newton. Each property goes above and beyond the ordinary, providing a lifestyle where comfort, sophistication, and elegance merge seamlessly. Whether you want refined elegance, stunning views, or cutting-edge amenities, there is a home for you in Newton. Trust Cindy Laughrea to be your guide for a smooth home buying process. Make the call today!

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